Talent Management Systems

Recruitment System (Hiring)
Ensuring that you hire the right people is critical for the success of any business. With the changing world of work, traditional systems of tracking applicants are not optimised to source, hire and onboard the best candidate. Our solutions are designed to create a predictive, social and collaborative hiring process, ensuring time to productivity is enhanced.

Performance Management Systems
Having visibility of your people’s performance and capabilities ensures improved decision making. The trend today is to move beyond the traditional performance management processes towards a process that fosters continuous feedback, ongoing learning and collaboration. This means that the systems you use to manage performance need to be agile and adaptive. Assigning goals and ensuring there is alignment to business objectives are essential elements of the performance process. Our solutions enable this and more.

Learning Management Systems
In order to thrive in today’s economy, learning is critical. Ensuring that people have ease of access to learning content and programmes drives higher employee retention, lower compliance risks and, ultimately, a better skilled and performing workforce. Our solutions offer a rich blend of functionality aimed at ensuring that employees continuously develop their skills and foster agility across the organisation. 

Succession and Career Management Systems
Identification and development of top talent, to be ready for the business of tomorrow, is a challenge to all organisations. Affording employees the opportunity to map and manage their career paths is essential to them being part of the talent process. Knowing the organisation is set to deliver on talent demands for the future is a differentiator and a challenge that keeps many CEOs awake at night. Our solutions can help ensure that you have sufficient coverage - bench strength - for key and critical roles.

Compensation System (Pay for Performance)
The ability to make informed decisions about, and then providing the right compensation for each person, whether it takes the form of base pay, merit pay or variable pay and incentives, is critical to being able to engage and retain top talent. Our solutions are designed to afford businesses a streamlined view of the compensation options and ease the burden of setting rewards.